PDA plugin with iPhone support

Today I upgraded my blog to latest WordPress 2.5. You have no idea what they have done to the WordPress. It is really great and lovely. I really like the new interface and media manager integration. Most of the functionalities what my organizer plugin did is of no use now. Thanks to WordPress team 🙂

After a very long time I sat down and update the pda plugin. While doing so I got little greedy and tried to add a simple iPhone theme to it. It is far away from beta version. Still lot more to go. I am still finding a best method to do the plugin with nice ajax features and animation what iPhone would support. Still far more to go on the theme. For a 4 hours of work it works pretty well. I know what are all the bugs in it but I will try to mend it and release a new version end of next week.

wp-pda plugin is now fully compactible with latest WordPress 2.5. I would like to get feedback from you all. Thanks for supporting the plugin so far 🙂

You can download the plugin from here.

Checkout the latest changes and updates here.

By Imthiaz

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  1. How are you getting this to work without errors? I have installed and all appears to be working fine on my pda… then I try to log in on my pc and all I get is errors..

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /homepages/1/d75032493/htdocs/Airscene/news/wp-content/plugins/pda.php:1) in /homepages/1/d75032493/htdocs/Airscene/news/wp-login.php on line 202

    I get the same problem when logging out

  2. Hi, it’s working allright but the font-size is a bit to small to read. You have to be an eagle to do that 😉
    The homepage is readable but the articles are not. Is there a way to change that?

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