Apple MacBook pro Windows Drivers

Today I wanted install windows over Bootcamp. I totally forgot I got to have the Leopard DVD for me to install windows drivers. I had left my DVD in Sharjah. So after installing windows I boot back to OSX and started to search of the windows drivers. I could not get any drivers. It was frustrating that I could not find any of the drivers. Some blogs had some post regarding this and nothing could help me out.

Apple should be giving direct downloads for these drivers from their website. Or link location where people can download the drivers if they have lost of misplaced the installation CDs.

If you anyone had luck in installing the drivers for windows for Macbook pro please drop me a line how you did it 😉

By Imthiaz

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  1. @Moey: Better is a relative term here, gaming with Parallels is not really an option. And it’s not either, or, you know. You can with both Parallels and Fusion run Windows from a BootCamp partition, I do it with Fusion.

  2. I had the same problem, I was working offshore and required to re-install windows via bootcamp, but didn’t have my OSX install disc with me…..

    What I did,

    Download the bootcamp 2.0/2.1 update from, then using something like 7zip/winrar decompress the .bin files from the compressed executable, this then gives you all the drivers you require with setup files for each one. you can manually install each driver as you require.

    Bit of a faff, but I ended up with a functioning windows install (was using vista but i’m sure this would work for xp too)


    1. Can you give more details on this? I don’t find any .bin files when I extract the contents from Bootcamp 2.1 update executable.


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