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RSSReader Version 2.0 with UITabBarController

Couple of months back I released an open source RSS Reader app for iPhone on GitHub. Most of the people who downloaded the source requested for an updated version using UITabBarController.

Today I am releasing version 2.0 with the following changes

  • Updated the views to use UITabBarController
  • Loads rss subscription from plist file
  • More fun to learn 😉

Download RSSReader Version 2.0 with complete source for iPhone. To see complete list of changes visit RSSReader on Github

Note: This source code does not have any license nor warranty. Please feel free to use this in any of your projects and don’t have to email me.

Enjoy, Happy Coding 😉

iPhone RSS Reader with source code

Last week I had prepared simple RSSReader application for demoing at Arabnet Shift Digital Summit. Since there was not much time to really explain I had to cut short my presentation with a very basic application demo. I promised to few programmers at Arabnet that I will release the source code for this application on my blog.

Unlike my previous version of RSSReader this version is much cleaner and simple to understand. Removed lots of unwanted methods and made it as simple as possible to understand. When I released the last RSSReader code I received lots of emails asking for updates and some people wanted to fix and update few things to it. To enable all this I am releasing this source code at gitHub.

This source code does not have any license nor warranty. Please feel free to use this in any of your projects and don’t have to email me.

Enjoy, Happy Coding 😉

Trip to Arabnet Shift Digital Summit in Beirut

Last week I got an opportunity to do a presentation in Arabnet Shift Digital Summit about iPhone development. This took place at Beirut in Lebanon. The submit was held for three days and was an outstanding experience for me. Had a chance to meet lot of people from the middle east region.

On the second day Arabnet team took us for a tour to Downtown Beirut. The city is very old and has so much history. They had rebuilt the city for the eight time after the war. The city traffic was horrible and that was the moment I felt so proud about Dubai’s traffic. The most annoying thing about the city is the taxi, you can get easily ripped off if they find that you are a outsider. There is no meter for any taxi and everything is random. You won’t believe I ended up paying different amount every day from the hotel I stayed to the submit. Food was so yummy and I enjoyed the grills so much. If any one is going to Beirut make sure you try out Shish Taouk.

Naviflix – One stop solution for movie lovers

About three months back we had this conversation in our office lounge after we had released an app for What next ?

After a series of discussions we understood that so many of us @flipmedia were hard core movie buffs. Watching movies in the cinema was on the top of our entertainment list. From the list of suggestions, movie app scored number one. We had brainstorming sessions on what next and how can we go about building this app?. We did some rough sketches and kind of finalized on the final working version and it’s features.

Our creative team began their magic on the wire-frames and gave application the best look and feel. Technical team got final designs in few days and started working on the app code. Before starting the actual work we had to make sure that we did not repeat the mistakes we encountered during the first app production. Thanks to our creative team as they made our life harder with a nice but difficult to implement design.

Our challenge was to give the same look and feel and at the same time make the application responsive. Our creative team started working on the application icon. You can see how the logo got evolved

After working on the app for 5 weeks we completed the first version of Naviflix 1.0 and submitted to app store. Thanks to Google, Apple SDK Documentation and some great forums, without those references we would have been lost. After submitting the app we could not just wait, and we started testing it with our friends. They reported few bugs. We worked on them as fast as we could submitted version 1.1 to app store.

Naviflix Demo

Would like to hear your comments and suggestions on how we can improve the app. You can purchase Naviflix on the app store for USD 1.99

Restore to iPhone OS 3.1.3 Firmware from iPhone OS 4.0 Beta1

I know so many people with lot of excitement upgraded their iPhone to OS 4.0 Beta1. After few minutes of discovering the new features you will realize most of your old application are crashing and not running as it is supposed to work. Many of my favorite applications did the same and I got really annoyed. I cannot really blame Apple for OS 4.0 as it is still in beta.

I decided to restore my iPhone to previous 3.1.3 firmware and I kept getting this annoying error 1015. After searching almost a day I found this method which helped me to get back to 3.1.3 firmware. I hope this will help you all


Step #1 Download and install the library “libusb”.

Step #2 Download and copy the application “iRecovery” to the desktop

Step #2 Open iTunes, click the ALT key + Restore and manually load the original 3.1.3 firmware.

Step #3 During the restore process, you’ll notice a pop up with error 1015, neglect it.

Step #4 Click Ok to close the pop-ups and close iTunes.

Step #5 Now open the terminal and type the following commands:

cd Desktop
. /iRecovery -s
setenv auto-boot true

Step #6 Wait a few seconds and disconnect the iPhone from the cable, then reboot the phone by clicking Home + Power buttons simultaneously.

Step #7 Once you connect the phone via USB and proceed normally, the Apple logo appears on the display.

My sincere thanks to Chris Martin for translating this original article.

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