Let’s Encrypt – Certbot 1.12 Manual DNS Verification

The new version of certbot have specific plugin for different DNS provider if want to validate your domain based on DNS. The only issues plugins are available only for popular dns managers and not for all of them. If you want to isssue a certficate you or other dns provides you can use the following… Continue reading Let’s Encrypt – Certbot 1.12 Manual DNS Verification

Symfony 3.4 Cache Example

Symfony has a very powerful built-in caching. You can use it directly by calling the default app cache and use it. You can use this a lot in your application in places where you access databases or accessing the web services. Have a great day 😊

Yislamoo – Modern Arabic Art Gallery

Yislamoo celebrates beautiful Arabia. Yislamoo brings you Modern Art Prints Designed by Some of the Best Artists and Calligraphers. Memorable pieces you won’t find anywhere else! Yislamoo hopes to reach every home and heart in this region and beyond. Check out their Modern Arabic Art Gallery today and order your favourite one!

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