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Thanks to GDPR companies are too smart these days

Today I received a newsletter from a real estate company based in Dubai. They are sending about a property in the UK for sale.

As I was not interested in the newsletter so I want to remove myself from the subscription and in the footer I read this note.

This email is intended only for international investors outside of the UK.

What does this mean? People, who are outside UK cannot get unsubscription link? People outside UK does not care about privacy?

I don’t remember visiting this company website or their office to inquire about property… So how did they get my email address? How did they add me to a newsletter subscription?

Email Campaign Online Link –

In case they delete the change the contents 😉

Very rude 😡

New Blog in Town – by Awad Abdelgayoum

A new blogger in town Awad Abdelgayoum. He is now a new inspiration for me to start my dead blog again. So let me end my lazy blog era with this fresh start.

Awad Abdelgayoum is a guru of creating and managing digital marketing campaigns to build lasting relationships with organizations and individuals with customers. Awad is certified in Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Microsoft Bing Ads and HubSpot Inbound and Content Marketing. I blog about SEO, SEM, and Marketing.

If you want to learn more about PPC, SEO, SEM, Content Marketing & Google Analytics please bookmark this blog in your browser today.

You can also follow him on

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My first Desert Drive with Land Cruiser with UAEOffRoaders

For the past one year I really wanted to do learn and drive in the desert. Two weeks ago I found this amazing club UAEOffRoaders and every since I was so excited to take my first trip with them. Finally I took my first trip yesterday with them in Sharjah.

How was the experience ? – Awesome

How did UAEOffRoaders help me ?

1) How to drive in the desert
2) How to deflate my tires to proper PSI
3) Explained different driving modes and when to use which mode for driving safely
4) How to drive up the dune and down the dune
5) Recovered my vehicle twice when I was stuck in the dune
6) Motivating and training me every step of the way
8) The most friendly, humble and fun loving enthusiasts
9) How to have fun in a safe way

Did I do crazy stuff ? – No, UAEOffRoaders made sure that we don’t perform stunts. Safety was the utmost importance. Only experienced drivers get to do the tricky dunes.

How much will I recommend my friends to be a part of this club – 100%

Is this the right way to start learning off road driving – 100%

Some pictures of the trip…

United Arab Emirates Linux user group

I am really happy to share the news about the formation of Linux meet up group for United Arab Emirates. This is my story how I got into using Linux. Back in 1999 we used to get supplement Linux CD in PC-Quest magazine. They called it as PCQLinux and with my friends we used to experiment on our home computer. Every time we install Linux we get our windows boot sectors corrupted with our lilo boot loader. We always end up in formatting the whole system. Those days the Linux was at early stages in GUI and for most of the hardware we never get proper drivers. In a day or two I used to give up and move back to windows.

When I was studying in college we came to know about Chennai Linux User group. One of my friend told that they had meetings once in every 2 weeks and it happened in IIT Madras campus, the place where real genius people study. We thought it was a good chance to visit IIT campus in the name of LUG. When I first went for the meeting I meet some real cool people wearing Linux T-shirts with bunch of CDs chatting about Linux. Mostly they were talking about compiling kernel and device drivers and about the project in Linux etc etc. After going for couple of meetings I learned few tricks on how to use Linux. Till today I am using the same tricks for working on Linux.

Thanks to Chennai Lug for the help and support they me gave when I started with Linux. I was looking for a group in Dubai from the day I landed here. I hardly found anything where people liked to meet. We cannot blame anyone for this as nobody here has time for meet up in their busy schedule. This group is another attempt to make User group possible in UAE. With help of companies like Flip Media which supports Linux I think we can make it better.

I am still a beginner in Linux and just wanted to create a forum so we can meet the real gurus and learn from them.

For more information please visit UAE Lug Website.
For more information on next UAE Lug meet up.

Please join us and together everyone can achieve more 🙂

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