I wanted to track some outgoing mails in my servers. Initially I was using IMAP to solve this issue. Then It was becoming slow everyday. They started complaining that the mail was really slow. I was forced to move to POP3 which is much faster compared to IMAP. Once I activated POP3 tracking was out of my hands. I search a lot on how to play with filters in exim mail.

It is quite powerful and give total control on incoming and outgoing mails. To solve my problem I need to play only with outgoing mails. There is a file named /etc/antivirus.exim is the file we need to play with. I edited the file and added the below lines to make it work for me.

if first_delivery
and ( ("$h_from:" contains "test1@imthi.com")
or ("$h_from:" contains "test2@imthi.com")
or ("$h_from:" contains "test3@imthi.com")
unseen deliver "tracker@imthi.com"

The above block checks if the outgoing mail is on first delivery and who is the sender. Based on the sender I am sending a bcc copy to another mailbox. You can play more by studying the exim filter commands more 😉