BSD, SSH and PHP on my iPhone

Tonight I installed BSD system on my iPhone. Once that is complete I installed openSSH, Term-vt100. I opened terminal and changed my root password using the command passwd.

I found the ip of the iPhone using the command ifconfig. Latter I was able to connect to the iPhone using ssh from my laptop ;-). I was even able to ftp files to my iphone over SSH.

I Installed apache, php edited httpd.conf and I was able to run php scripts from my iPhone. It has all the basic modules that is needed to write a simple powerful application with sqlite. Taken a screenshot too 😉

BSD, SSH and PHP on my iPhone

Wow this gadget is really amazing 😀

By Imthiaz

Programmer, SAAS, CMS & CRM framework designer, Love Linux & Apple products, Currently addicted to mobile development & working @bluebeetle


  1. I have installed vt100, open ssh and BSD subsystem but when I type password in terminal it says command not found. Is there any place I can find list of vt100 comands and their format?


    Could you please post the script you have wrote for the above screen shot for us to test?

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  3. Hi,

    you might wanna try lighttpd cause will useup less memory and CPU. Apache is a bit hungry 🙂
    Anyway, without a DB engine (e.g.: mysql?) not too many things can be done… Do you have any idea about bento running on ipod touch/iphone? Maybe can be used for building some small “online” applications? 🙂
    anyway, have fun!

  4. Woow; Good work! please get me more info regarding Replacing OsX in the iphone with other apps.
    Any Such links will do; 🙂
    Is it Darwin or FreeBSD/OpenBSD/or else U installed ? from phpinfo() i guess u have installed bare Darwin;

    Good work; Keep it up;

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  6. Hi. I was wondering how you found the IP address of your iPhone via terminal. :p You mentioned that you used ifconfig. What do I type in first exactly? Thanks in advance! :p

  7. I really like to have php on my iPhone 3G. I installed lighttp, it works great 🙂 How can I compile php on my iPhone?

  8. Hi, may i know what is the default password for root after you had install the BSD system?

  9. Hey there,

    How r u? well am a new user of i phone, and am wondering if u can help me access SSH on my iphone~ am using du sim and i have no idea how to do that!

    please help!!

  10. Hello,

    “Tonight I installed BSD system on my iPhone” <– Does it means you installed *bsd on your iphone or just some libs?

    In case you managed to change OS, anyone knows if nowadays it is legal in most countries to do so?


    ps : Other vendors provide full *nix compliant systems upgradable at will.

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