Fedora Core 8 on Lenovo 3000

We got a brand new IBM Lenovo laptop without any operating system installed. These days most of the new laptops comes with Windows Vista installed and which sucks majorly. Then we decided we will install Linux on the laptop for a difference. Then I installed Ubuntu 7.10 on it and it worked perfect. The live cd was able to detect all the hardware on a single go.

I am such a fan of fedora and wanted to test fedora so checked out the website it had new release fedora 8 werewolf. It had live cd so downloaded it and tested on the laptop. To my surprise even fedora live cd detected everything. So reinstalled the laptop operating system with fedora 8.

I installed all the need software using yum as usual 😉 . Then I installed the Quake 3 and wanted burn test my laptop for performance. I opened couple of movies, music player and quake running auto demo on 800×600. The processor usage was around 90 to 95%. Everything worked amazing fast and in another workspace I was able to do normal installation and browsing. I ran the test for more than 3 hours and the laptop temperature was so normal. No overheating and no issues. I was totally amazed by the laptop performance over Linux.

Fedora Core 8 on Lenovo 3000

I am really happy to see such a stable fedora core which is now capable of detected all hardware. Lenovo laptop performance was amazingly superb 😀

By Imthiaz

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