Microsoft Mac Office 2008

Microsoft Mac Office 2008Today I got the chance install my won copy of Office 2008 for mac. The installation was pretty simple and removed my old crapy 2004 from the system. My biggest expectation for Office 2008 was Entourage.

At work we use exchange and iMail does a good job but not up to the mark. The office for windows had so many feature which was missing in Mac. So it made lot of people to think a lot to move to mac and who ever moved to suffered a lot one such is myself.

This version is an solves all the problems for people who use mac @ work. I will be really glad If I can voice chat using yahoo, msn. Still it is not there and it is pretty sad 🙁

Did I forget to mention, it is really fast 😀

By Imthiaz

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  1. Cool, so where did you get it from? Guess you ordered online, don’t think it’s available in Dubai yet. Does it really solve “all the problems for people who use mac @ work”? I hope you’re right 😉

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