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Plan for next month weekends :-)

It has been more than one and half year after I released Organizer plugin for WordPress. Initially I wrote that plugin to help my dad who was blogging that time. Latter he stopped blogging so I stopped further updates on Organizer. Recently I got couple of mails asking for an updated version. I have decided to write a simple version from scratch with basic functionalities which can help bloggers to manage the files.

The features I am planning to include for 2.0 alpha are the following

1. Manage files from the upload folder
2. Copy / Move / Delete files from upload directory
3. Use phpThumb for image manipulation
4. Use smarty for clean code
5. Use jquery for ajax and DOM handling
6. Complete rewrite of everything as it is a complete.
7. Full support for 2.3.2 and above only.

I should be able to release the basic version by end of Feb 2008. I am really thank full for all the people who have downloaded the plugin and used it. And thanks for pushing me so hard so that I can move my lazy butt and do some work during my weekends.

Catch you soon with Organizer 2.0 alpha 😉

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  2. Please let me know when you have a version you want “trialed”. I am really looking for something like this to create an organizer for .PDF files (brochures, manuals, documents). It would be very cool if you could either use a default “icon” image for the file type or upload and “screen capture” image of the file itself. Also if you could make it so that they can be organized by category, etc..

    Thanks for your efforts!

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