I was developing a small utility for my brother Fathah to generate a barcode of all the items in shop.

I was not happy with the normal id method it’s so generic and everyone is using the same thing. So I thought of doing a new base including numbers and alphabets. So my new base36 include digits from 0-9 and A-Z.

One place holder has to rotate 35 times to increase the next place holder. I don’t whether it allowed in computing world. But is seems to me it can compress huge numbers very easily.

For Example

Base 10 = 46655232
Base 36 = ARRZEO

Base 10 = 2176782335
Base 36 = ZZZZZ it is the maximum in 5 digit.

I have implemented this in Visual basic and I am not sure how far it is optimized for speed. It will crash if really calculating big numbers :-). If any one does a better one please forward it to me.

You can download this module which is in class format.

Base36 Code.

Have Fun…