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Plugin Organizer

Plugin Name : Organizer

For WordPress : 1.5.X

Version : 0.6.2 beta

The features of this plugin are very much limited now. I really want to add more features to this plugin but it has to be of some use to all.

The features currently implemented in this plugin are.

+ Browse Function
– Browse files in upload folder.
– Set the type of files to be browsed from options page.
– Set no of files to show in page in options page.
+ File Functions
– + Rename a file.
– – Auto correct filenames in post.
– – Checks if the destination file is used by any post.
– + Copy of a file.
– – Checks if the destination file is used by any post.
– + Delete a file.
– – If that file is used by any post then it will not allow to delete
+ Image Functions
– + Resize Images
– – It supports jpg, png, and gif(if supported by your GD).
+ Misc Functions
– Get Image display and download HTML code for image files.
– Get download HTML code for files.
– Check if plugin update is available.
+ General Settings
– Files function displayed according to the type.
– File permission and directory permissions are checked.

Next release will be having more image manipulation functions.

Current Organizer plugin version 0.6.2 beta.
WordPress Plugin Repository – Organizer.

1. Copy files and directories inside wp-admin to your wp-admin folder.
2. Copy files inside wp-content/plugins to wordpress wp-content/plugins folder.
3. Goto to Plugins page in wordpress and activate the Organizer plugin.
4. Once the plugin is activated.
5. You will see a menu named Organizer, click the same and have fun..!!

Old Archives
Organizer plugin version 0.6.1 beta.
Organizer plugin version 0.5 beta.
Organizer plugin version 0.4 beta.

Change Log
22-May-2005 – Version 0.6.2b
– Fixed fews minor issues in file class
– Added auto update checking in about page.
– Test fully with latest revision of wordpress 2614.
09-May-2005 – Version 0.6.1b
– Added image resize feature
08-May-2005 – Version 0.5b
– Fixed few minor issues in file function
07-May-2005 – Version 0.5b
– Added more features to file browsing class
– Added image related functions
– Added file rename feature
– Added file copy feature
– Added file delete feature
– Added html code generation feature
04-May-2005 – Version 0.4b
– First public release. Sample screen shots.

Organizer Screenshot
Organizer Screenshot 1.
Organizer Screenshot 2.

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  1. Hi,

    I like your plugin, is there a way to order the files by the date? I’ve been searching through your code, but can’t find it. If you could help me, would be really great!



  2. Saw u just made some updates – will the next version support wp 2, or is it maybe allready doing that?

  3. i activate Organizer plugin version 0.6.2 Beta … but i can’t find (in admin menu) Organizer

    pls Help
    I have WordPress (Version 2.0)

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