This is a calender generation class defined from customizable parameters. The calendar has template and seperate css for more looks.

I am really sorry for not updating the Calendar for a long time..

Hello Imthiaz,
I like your calendar. I forgot where I found it, I think on I have tried about 7 to 10 different ones on the internet and
yours is the simplest one to use.
I added via a class ‘linkcalendar’ that extends your class, the ability
to pass in an array of dates and have the calendar display it with a
different box style and link to the page, passing additional variable
such as event_id (e). Thus ICalendarX can now be used to hilight the days
of month on which a special event occurs. If you click on an event date
link, the event html is displayed. Presumably these dates and event
id’s would come from a database but I hard coded them for example file.
I did not change code except for a couple of
typos. I added and modified the example file.
Enjoy, thank you for releasing it.
Geoffrey Hoffman

Sorry Mr.Geoffrey Hoffman for not releasing your version for a long time.

Latest PhpICalendarX 3.5

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