After watching Apple WWDC 2008 Steve Job’s keynote it is very evident that we will not get iPhone in this region any time sooner. In around 70 countries iPhone will be available during this year. One such country which does not get is United Arab Emirates. What is stopping Apple to expand their products to Middle. Every other company in the world is make U.A.E as their product’s distribution hub.

Seeing the performance of the application on an iPhone I am really thrilled to jump into Cocoa programming language. I am sure it is going to be a little hard to being with. That is there with all programming language. Why not give it a try..!!!

After hearing the new 3G iPhone there are so many number of people at my office who have an iPhone is ready to sell and to get a new 3G iPhone. It is mainly because of the new features like 3G, GPS, and enterprise solution it is offereing. I am praying so much that iPhone dev team comes up with jailbreak for the new firmware version 😀

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