Like other I wanted to post my scrap to my blog using my pda. There is an o=
ption in wordpress to post by email. I tried it first by putting one email =
address and its login details. I sent couple of emails and waiting for a lo=
ng time to appear in blog. It never appeared so I thought that feature was =
not compactable with my mail server or post by email was broken. So I dropp=
ed that idea of posting using a pda.

Afterwards I thought I will write a small plugin which will hep me doing t=
his. God time is the only issue. I have only 24 hours a day and nothing mor=
e. So much work at office and by the time I come I crash directly.

Today I wanted to try this again. I went through the code. And I noticed wp=
-mail.php and I wondered what this file does. Yes this is a cron file for d=
ownloading the email. I was really stupid to think a featre in wordpress as=
broken. It was my ignorance. Now I tested both my previous mails appeared.=
Coooool I deleted both and this is my attempt to send a proper post. Havin=
g fun really exploring the limit less features of wordpress. :-D=