I Guess I have to Diet


I was not well for past one week. Thought it was general sickness and it got worse so I went for a medical checkup. They checked up my blood pressure and informed me it bit high and I have to check up my height, weight, sugar etc etc. Surprisingly I was just 38 kilos more than my normal weight. Doctor started warning me if I proceed in this rate with no exercise and diet I will get heart related diseases soon. Plus they said to stop smoking :-(.

Now I am showing off that I am on a diet like eating double layer pizza with diet coke. And My dear sister has given me a diet schedule.

Change of present habit

  • No chocolates and all kinds of sweets, not even a single piece, single toffee including chewing gum to be taken.
  • Ban all kinds biscuits, cookies, puffs, cakes etc
  • Cut all fried stuff like chips, crackers, crispies
  • Cut all kinds of nuts including pumpkin seeds
  • Noruku theeni (Junk food) even if they are from your loving mother from India don’t take them
  • Don’t touch anything from India that includes recipes made from Maida like nangathan, parota, dumroad etc
  • No more fried anything..no fried chicken prawns
  • Nothing oily, don’t eat anything oily
  • Nothing salty, no idly podi especially with oil
  • No oorgai (pickle)
  • No ghee stuff
  • No pizzas, no kfc, no fast food
  • No soft drinks of any kind (color …lol)
  • No picnic, if unavoidable don’t eat those kind of food
  • No Friday briyani
  • No mayonnaise, no butter, no jam, no cheese, no ketchup,sauce
  • No Smoking – no cigarettes, no hookah, no beedi, no cigar, no paan.
  • No tension  😛

Eat as follows:

For morning

  • Thyroid pill
  • After half an hour, coffee with skimmed milk and artificial sugar
  • Diet McVities biscuits 2

For breakfast Always

  • take one large glass of 100 % pure orange juice, packaged never mind
  • one large glass of skimmed milk with 50% sugar 50 % artificial sugar
  • two egg white
  • one fruit(orange apple pear berika kiwi apricot(not tinned), avoid banana)


  • Left over chapatti with left over aanam(not oily)(make sure there is left over chapathi and aanam for morning)
  • Cereal (there are thousands of varieties in super market esp for those who want to reduce weight) soaked in skimmed milk artificial sweetner-sugar 50-50%
  • Whole wheat bread slices 2 – 3
  • Oats kanji made with skimmed milk

10 – 11

  • coffee with skimmed milk and artificial sugar
  • Diet McVities biscuits 2 or 3(whole wheat biscuits)
  • Avicha black sunadi kadalai one small cup taken from home
  • Never white sunda kadalai


  • Chapatti with dhal, onion
  • Shredded carrot beets cabbage raddish sliced cucumber tomatoes
  • A small cup diet coke blah blah
  • One apple/pear etc


  • coffee with skimmed milk and artificial sugar
  • Diet McVities biscuits 2 or 3(whole wheat biscuits)
  • Avicha black sunadi kadalai one small cup taken from home
  • Never white sunda kadalai


  • Chapathi 3/rice
  • Keerai
  • Vegetable kootu no fry
  • Fruit 1

Before going to bed

  • Skimmed milk
  • diet biscuits


  1. Daily weigh your weight and write it down on a chart. Weigh with light clothes eg. Underwear
  2. heavy exercise work out
  3. meditation
  4. tension free
  5. drink lots of water minimum of 2 litres
  6. pray, read quran
  7. once a weak boiled chicken or chicken aanam or fish aanam
  8. u can drink tea or coffee without sugar and milk 2 3 cups a day ( Chinese tea)
  9. atleast six hour sleep a day
  10. 15 min nap after lunch

My Dear Nasty Sister 😀

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  1. Try the diet that Dinesh is doing – he get’s food 5 times a day and only healthy stuff. Even saves money!

    I run every day around 4 km or alternatively play 1.5 hours tennis between 6-8am in the morning.

    You could do the same coming to work early passing traffic – now in winter its amazing running around Dubai Marina with ipod plugged in let’s you even do brain work – summarize your to do lists or do some dry php programming in your head while you run a couple of miles…


  2. Interesting diet – unfortunately you will lose muscle mass . . . not enough protein. It should work though.

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