One day trip to Munnar in Kerela

Last week the whole office team was planning to attend one of our colleague wedding. Nishanth, Sebi and Nygil were planning for a one day trip to Munnar a day before the wedding. Me and Iyad joined them and went to this wonderful place. It was around 300 Kilometers from Trivandrum. The sad part was we spend the whole day reaching there 😉 . It was good fun driving all the way to place. We spend the night at Munnar and roamed around the market place. The place was simply amazing and very good climate!!!

Group picture : Iyad, Nygil, Sebi and NishanthGroup picture : Imthi, Nygil, Sebi and NishanthIyad Tibi on the way to Munnar

Three musketeers of Flip Trivandrum : Nygil, Sebi and NishanthGroup picture: Imthi, Nishanth, Sebi and NygilIyad Tibi at waterfalls

Photographer Iyad Tibi taking picture while it was raining..!!Group picture: Iyad, Nishanth, Sebi and NygilGroup picture: Iyad, Imthi, Sebi and Nygil

Imthiaz at MunnarIyad Tibi at MunnarThe whole gang: Nishanth, Nygil, Sebi, Imthi and Iyad

Thanks to the three musketeers ( Nishanth , Sebi and Nygil ) for clubbing us with them for the trip 😀

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