Is Dubai Real Estate Market Crashing ???

Is Dubai Real Estate Market Crashing ???

All I hear from everyone is Dubai real estate bubble is going to explode by 2nd quater of 2009. Not sure how far it is true!!! 😀

By Imthiaz

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  1. I think there is going to be a substantial correction in the Dubai real estate market. Banks have either stopped financing or put stringent lending policies for retail investors. Moreover, due to current economic crisis some companies have already started trenching jobs. And, I heard that this is a beginning of a massive job cuts because of the crisis. If this happens, it will eventually lead into a real estate crash.

  2. It happens everywhere when things are over priced. But i’m sure it is going to come back anyway. When there is a upside there is definitely a downside, nature economics. 🙂

  3. In the real estate industry, Dubai is seen as a prime target for investment purposes. In fact, real estates in Dubai have consistently grown at 20% annually, compared to other places where constant fluctuations are the order of the day.

  4. I’m no market expert in the Real Estate Sector but I believe in 2 things on this planet, one is Gravity – what goes up must come down and vice versa and two is – The strongest survive. This has been proven time and again in the annals of history. I am but one of the few disgruntled tenants in Dubai, inspite of the insane property prices, I have chosen to stay. Why you ask?…one it’s a great place to be in, second, even if the place am staying at now is literally screwing me over with rental rates, I’ve managed to find this one broker (Roots Land Real Estate) whose managed to do the impossible for me and found me a reasonable enough apartment to move to. Thank God for that! Let’s just all hang in there and see how things go. Here’s to keeping our fingers crossed.

  5. The most important think is that investors had lost the trust to invest in the property in the region. Loosing the trust is an important factor that take a lot of time to be rebuild.
    It is important to note that Dubai was ready to become a megapole with the projet completed. Today even Dubai marina landscape is not completed and it is the main tourist destrination. What happen? Dubai cannot be a great pole destination even for business with all the business regulation.
    Everything need to change becuase foreigner have less issue the get invetment secure in EU and US because there is basic rules.

  6. hay there
    i want i share somersetting with you its that the Dubia property is almost crashed down but in the beginning of the year the things will gone revived too

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  8. Dubai that saw house prices during the whole of 2008 soar by 40%, however this masks the fourth quarter reversal that saw an 8% drop that has continued to accelerate during the first two months of 2009 into a full blown crash in property prices. The pace of decline is put at an eye watering 7% per month which is prompting panic amongst many foreign investors that bought into the Dubai property.

  9. Real estate business is little down today, I accept to it.

    To succeed in real estate business you should choose the right way and follow essential tips to keep yourself in business.

  10. How do we begin to predict what the housing market will do? No offense, but everyone was wrong about it a fewyears ago, so why do we think it will be better in the future? Just because housing is cheaper and rates are lower? Unemployment is still a serious problem. Not to mention, the debt our country seems to accumulate every day. I personally think waiting is the best option right now.

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