New MacBook from Office

MacBookI totally forgot to blog about my new Macbook which was given to me for office purpose. This is my first experience with Mac computer and its OS. Past one week it has been nightmare to find out some alternative what I used to do in Windows.

Now I am kind of getting used to the mac and find it good. I am searching for some good alternative software which I used windows for mac. I already found quite a few and my hunt is still on 🙂 

By Imthiaz

Programmer, SAAS, CMS & CRM framework designer, Love Linux & Apple products, Currently addicted to mobile development & working @bluebeetle


  1. Man, are you a lucky guy or what! A Macbook was given to you for “office purposes”. I’d love to have that happen to me 😉

    If you need help with anything, or just want to meet some other Mac users, come over to We’re the only Apple User Group in the UAE.

  2. yes join you could meet lots of Mac peeps and ask around for softwares that they use. and give me a call sometime may be we can checkout ur new MacBook

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