My dream theme for wordpress

I am kind of again tired with my current theme. This time I am not going to search for better theme. The theme what I am using now is kind of cool and really nice but I had this for real long time. While modifying the theme for pda I found WordPress theme is not that tough to code.

Some features for the theme which I am write for my blog

  • SEO friendly
  • Ajax enabled
  • Basic graphics like I love the design for so many years the have the same design and it kind of cool.
  • A logo if possible.
  • More work on the comments like captcha which will help me eat lot of spam. You wont belive how many spam I get everyday. Spam karma and Akismet plugin save me a lot . If these too are de-activated it will be real nightmare for me.
  • A gallery module to upload my picture with cool title and description, If possible comments too 😉

Thats all for version 1 I guess and will improve based on my needs.

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By Imthiaz

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