Friday morning we all started for a small trip to Oman. Me and Sajid struggled so much to find way to Oman border and with so much frustration we finally managed to get there. At Oman border we got a quick visa for 28 days we were in :-D. The plan is to take a boat ride in Oman. The real fun was on its way…

At Oman border

Faith and Leilanie at Oman border

Oman corniche drive

Beautiful corniche drive for 15 mins

Crew on board

Crew on board…

Martin, Phill, Mahesh n his wife, Dinesh...

Aswathy n her husband Dinesh and Kids

Aswathy with her husband Dinesh and kids

Sajid and Pramod

Sajid and Pramod

Imthiaz and Pramod

Imthiaz and Pramod

Martin with his brother

Martin with his brother


At one location there were so many dolphins running and jumping in the end I have attached a video please have a look..

Sea View

Ocean view from the boat.. 😉