WordPress Organizer

Organizer is a worpress plugin. This plugin help the wordpress users to manage the files uploaded to their blog. These are some the feature of this plugin.

  • View all files uploaded in you wp-content/uploads directory and all the sub directories or the directory you have set to store your uploads
  • Copy / Rename / Delete files in the uploads directory
  • Create / Rename / Delete directories
  • Upload files to the uploads directory
  • Resize image files on your uploads directory
  • Supports mutiple users and permissions
  • Changes the filenames automatically in your post when you change the filenames in your upload directory
  • Changes the attachment post to maintain the post cross links
  • Supports roles and you can set permission based on each user what can do with this plugin.
  • More to come….

To download the latest organizer follow the links bellow

Organizer compactable with wordpress 2.0.x

Organizer campactable with wordpress 1.5.x


  1. You should take a look at the documents DOM. It’s one click to open the error-console for that specific site and read the error. (included in firefox, available to other browsers as extensions)

  2. Great tool. Here are two features I would drool over if they were implemented:
    1) search (much like GaMerZ’s File Explorer: http://files.lesterchan.net/)
    2) actual link to download file rather than copying url and pasting it into browser

  3. I have installed Organizer (compatible with WP 2.0.x). It works great with WP 2.1.2, but I’ve just updated to 2.1.3, and now there is a slight problem. It creates directories perfectly, and uploads files to these directories, but will not display files in any directory other than the ‘root’ directory. That is, on the Organizer>Organizer tab (file list), it lists all files in the user’s root directory, but if I click the dropdown box to select a sub-directory, the list does not refresh, and so does not show the files in that sub-directory.

    The same problem exists on the “view file” tab of Organizer, where only files in the user’s root directory are displayed… the drop-down box does not appear to submit my sub-directory selection.

    I am looking forward to an update, you plugin is fantastic and much-needed by the wordpress community!

    Thanks a million,

    John Baumgartner

  4. (edit for above post)
    I can navigate to the relevant pages manually with “/view.php&d=1” or “/index.php&d=1” etc, but it would be great if my client did not need to do it this way.

    Thanks again for your great work on this plugin.

    – John

  5. (edit again)
    perhaps something to do with
    ” onchange=\”organizer_jump_directory(‘$this_page_url’,this.value);\” “;
    in view.php?

    I’m a php and js novice, and I just can’t figure out what the problem is here.. can anyone help?



  6. Hi. Greetings from UA. Houston, Houston! I have a problem. How can I show links of my uploaded sources on client-side pages? The List of links has to create dinamicaly. Do you have ideas? Many thanks…

  7. Hi,
    Organizer is a great tool! thnx for all the work done on it!
    Is it possible to change the path where organizer uploads and manages stuff to and from, somewhere outside wordpress? for example http://data.site.com/ for wp-blog on http://site.com ?

    Thnx in advance
    Raf Goetschalckx

  8. Tons of thanks to you. Great plug-in. I was looking for a good file management plug-in for wordpress but never found one. this serves all my needs, great stuff!

  9. Hi, great plug-in! I use WP 2.1.3 and I got Organizer 1.1.1 but it do not work good. In the Post-editor no user-folder are showen, only the normal upload-folder. The organizer let me create subfolders and let me upload files but it does only show files they are not in subfolders.
    I saw here the version 1.2.1 and on dev.wp-plugins.org (for?) 2.0 but no link to download.
    Where can i get the newest version or the right version for my WP?
    Thanks a lot

  10. Love the program.

    I am having a strange problem. My upload files exist. I can see them with organizer. However, except for a 2007/01 directory nothign appears on my file directory. I tried to create a fodler called 02A and it appears on the file list but not on organizer. I was hoping to mover the 02 folder there. Any ideas?

  11. I would love to be able to insert file links into posts…can this be done from the edit post page? That would be great if it can. This is the only thing missing, otherwise its an incredible tool!

  12. If you have open_basedir restrictions on your server, you will need to change the following lines in plugin_hook.php:

    Lines 50 – 52 from :

    include_once(ABSPATH . ‘/wp-content/plugins/organizer/plugin_functions.php’);
    include_once(ABSPATH . ‘/wp-content/plugins/organizer/class_filereader.php’);
    include_once(ABSPATH . ‘/wp-content/plugins/organizer/image.php’);

    It would be useful if this could be included in the next version release. Thanks.

  13. I absolutely want to support eriks post:

    do you think its possible to include an options-setting that allows to set a specific subfolder for contributors? I’m thinking of a structure like /uploads/user_nice-name/

  14. I have the same Problem that aveesh describes: I want to use user specific upload folders. They are auomatically created, but files are still uploaded to the default /uplaods/ folder.

    Can anyone help? Thanks!
    (you can also contact me via email)

  15. Thank you for this truly helpful plugin! I didn’t really know what to expect when I installed it but I love it. It’ll make managing my files so much easier.

  16. i had to edit the names of the capabilities in

    function organizer_capabilities($caps) to not have spaces in – and the same in function organizer_check_organizer_rename() and the other funcs below that one. these are in plugin_functions.php.

    this was to get it to work with role-manager by Thomas Schneider. ( http://www.im-web-gefunden.de/ ) otherwise it wouldn’t recognise the capabilities properly. hope this helps someone.

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