WordPress Organizer

Organizer is a worpress plugin. This plugin help the wordpress users to manage the files uploaded to their blog. These are some the feature of this plugin.

  • View all files uploaded in you wp-content/uploads directory and all the sub directories or the directory you have set to store your uploads
  • Copy / Rename / Delete files in the uploads directory
  • Create / Rename / Delete directories
  • Upload files to the uploads directory
  • Resize image files on your uploads directory
  • Supports mutiple users and permissions
  • Changes the filenames automatically in your post when you change the filenames in your upload directory
  • Changes the attachment post to maintain the post cross links
  • Supports roles and you can set permission based on each user what can do with this plugin.
  • More to come….

To download the latest organizer follow the links bellow

Organizer compactable with wordpress 2.0.x

Organizer campactable with wordpress 1.5.x


  1. I use this plugin (v1.2.1) with WP2.3.1
    The upload process and user management in junction with the Role Manager plugin works fine.

    I have problems with the file listings. I guess that the administrator role should get all files listed including the ones in user specific (sub)folders. The only files I can see as an admin are the ones uploaded to the root folder (wp-content/uploads) or to my (user specific) admin folder. There is also a problem with the drop-down selection of folders: this simply changes nothing.

    The idea behind this plugin is so far one of the most advanced when it comes to file management in WP but it needs some fixes I think.
    btw: authors last comment was on June 13, 2006 ?

  2. In plugin_functions.php

    $organizer_path = str_replace(realpath($_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’]),””,$organizer_path);

    That would solve the problem of images, css and js when used symlinks.

  3. Thanks for the nice tool.

    There is one issue though: Organizer 1.2.1 is not compatible with the Gengo 0.9 multi-language plugin.
    The problem is that the call to ‘load_plugin_textdomain(…)’ in plugin_hook.php must be moved to a function that runs on the ‘init’ hook. Cf. the compatibility FAQ of Gengo. I moved that call into the organizer_initialize() function (which I hope is part of the init hook – I am not sure though) and this works for me so far. You might wanna get this fix into the next version too. Thanks!

  4. this is a great plugin!

    a question — how can i use this plugin to rename/create backups for file in /plugins or /themes/* folders? i use theme editor to edit some of the files, but there is no backup — this plugin can be used for that.


  5. Hi, The current roles given by WordPress does not provide for an “Author” to create and edit Pages, only Posts. Will this plugin give Authors ability to create and edit both Pages and Posts?


  6. I installed this on the latest version of WP. It sees directories but is not showing files in the directories. Any ideas?

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