Hi All

I finally managed to complete the Organizer which is compactable with wordpress 2.0.X

Changelog since last version.

– Fixed plugin to work with wordpress 2.0.x
– Complete rewrite and all files stays in plugin folder
– Plugin works with PHP 5
– Installation is simple
– Added directory functionality
– Added file upload functionality
– Added create, rename and delete directoy
– Added replace functionality to attachment in wordpress
– Added thumnail feature to image files
– Added file icons to other files
– Added roles capability to the plugin
– Fixed replace post file names with converting names to hmtlentities
– Fixed image resize with imagecopyresampled
– Fixed minor paging problem in class filelist
– Fixed minor bugs in function routines

Download WordPress Organizer 1.0

Organizer Plugin Repository

Organizer supports roles. To fully utilize this feature please install worpress roler manager plugin.