WordPress Organizer

Organizer is a worpress plugin. This plugin help the wordpress users to manage the files uploaded to their blog. These are some the feature of this plugin.

  • View all files uploaded in you wp-content/uploads directory and all the sub directories or the directory you have set to store your uploads
  • Copy / Rename / Delete files in the uploads directory
  • Create / Rename / Delete directories
  • Upload files to the uploads directory
  • Resize image files on your uploads directory
  • Supports mutiple users and permissions
  • Changes the filenames automatically in your post when you change the filenames in your upload directory
  • Changes the attachment post to maintain the post cross links
  • Supports roles and you can set permission based on each user what can do with this plugin.
  • More to come….

To download the latest organizer follow the links bellow

Organizer compactable with wordpress 2.0.x

Organizer campactable with wordpress 1.5.x


  1. hi there, thanks for your spam 😉 notification. really like the plugin.
    two questions:
    1) can i move files under /wp-admin/ and integrate it into wp completely? would this be big effort?
    2) do you think its possible to include an options-setting that allows to set a specific subfolder for contributors? I’m thinking of a structure like /uploads/user_nice-name/
    as this would allow a better management of each users own files.
    I’m trying to get this feature to work for some hours now and would be happy to hear your opinion on this as i’m lacking of coding-skills here :-O

    kudos to you for a great plugin.

  2. In the new version of the Organizer the plugin all files stays in wp-content/plugins folder. No need to move any files. In Old version I was really stupid and I didnt know how to write a proper plugin for wordpress. Even now to some extent I dont know 😉

  3. well you did a great job! i feel comfotable with this plugin, but something i’m missing with all plugins that handle image or file-uploads (and i’ve tested a few … i like the structured blogging thing too):
    none of the plugins has the option to set rules for specific users. well your plugin comes closest but what i am missing is not to turn uploading on/off for specific users, i just dont wouldn’t want them to access one and the same folder. get me? 😉

    if user “Adam XY” would login i guess it was better structure (and thus better Organized) to only let him access his user specific subfolder. (for example named like his nicename) /wp-content/uploads/adam-xy/

    That would lead to a better file-structure, a faster orientation by the user in the folder and prevent accidentially deleted files by another user.

    im not a coder and you probably know your own plugin the best, so maybe you can tell how to implement this feature.

    after checking if the logged in user has capabilities to upload
    1) check if /path/to/upload-folder/ contains a subfolder named after the “user_nicename” value stored in “users”
    2) if not create this folder
    3) change the dir to this subfolder and make sure the logged in user cant get a level above his subfolder.

    no big deal, right? 🙂 hehe
    kindly regards. and much thank yous in advance 😉

  4. 16-Apr-2006 – Version 1.1.0
    – Added user level directory uploads
    – Added user level extension
    – Added user level upload limits
    – Added user level upload quota
    – Fixed directory permission bug

  5. I grabbed the organizer this evening and used it to rename 70+ images that I had previously imported from blogger. Thank you for this amazing plug-in! Well done Imthiaz. Serious amounts of thanks.

  6. the same goes for me. i didn’t really expect that you would add my wanted features so quick. so i’m twice as happy to have a very user-(and also admin- ) friendly upload-tool !!! its a pleasure to see how well written this piece of code is. it helps a lot to understand wp’s plugin-api …

  7. Hi Erik

    Thank you very much for supporting me with Organizer. Your contribution so far is great. You are pushing me dude. Thanks for the German translation. I have update the files. Have fun 😉

  8. I fixed it.

    a variable called $organizer_path needs to be corrected in your code.

    I was wondering how do you add files to posts?

  9. Nice plug-in!!!

    a suggestion: I found it beacuse I was looking for a tool to change the DESCRIPTION of an image already uploaded. This function is not provided in your plug-in. I think it would turn it in a must!

  10. hi Imthiaz,
    like to use your plug, but could not find any directory where this function should do its work.
    do you have a hint?
    do you know if it works with Bad Behavior?

  11. Wonderfull Plugin, very usefull!
    One question, is it possible to make is available to users with “author” priviledges. Is there something that I can change to make that happen?

  12. hi Imthiaz

    thank you very much for developing organizer. after trying a variety of file-manager plugins for wordpress, yours is by far my first choice. I have installed it and will use it in future. still I have some propositions / wishes:

    1) first I would like you to implement a bugfix already mentioned by 1mil. your script does not seem to work with any host. ie. my host returns somewhat like /home//public_html/wordpress/… for dirname(__FILE__) while $_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’] returns /var/webs//public_html. this circumstance makes your path-replacement useless. instead I wrote some lines to fix this and hope it works on every single host. the hack is dirty, so I would wellcome any better solution.

    however, heres my code:

    $root_tree = explode(‘/’, $_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’]);
    $root_count = count($root_tree)-1;
    $root_last = $root_tree[$root_count];
    list($root_path, $organizer_path) = split($root_last, dirname(__FILE__));


    $organizer_path = str_replace($_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’],””,$organizer_path);

    2) my other issue also concerns a prior post by 1mil. I am definitely missing a convenient way to add uploaded files to a post. currently, the only way seems to be copy-pasting of the address. I already tried to copy an uploaded file to .thumbnail. (same pattern as wp files) and resize this image to thumbnail-size, without success. any suggestions?

    3) it is not yet possible to move files within the path hierarchy, is it?

  13. well, it’s me again. a short inspection of the official upload script brought light into the image-publication-issue. I don’t know whether you have already seen this, but wp creates a variety of db-tables for attached pictures, such as:

    a) wp_post
    here comes all the basic information about the attachment:
    ID = internal id, same as post_id
    post_author = id of the registered user
    post_content = description (as requested by battino)
    post_title = display-title
    post_category = you could even create categories for images!
    post_status = set to “attachment” for identification
    post_name = same as title, without spaces
    post_parent = where it was uploaded
    guid = absolute path in browser
    post_mime_type = ie. image/jpeg

    b) wp_postmeta (1)
    meta_key = _wp_attached_file
    meta_value = absolute path in file-system

    c) wp_postmeta (2)
    meta_key = _wp_attachment_metadata
    meta_value = a variety of properties such as height, width, as well as thumbnail information

    to display uploaded files on the “write post”-page, only row a) is needed. in my humble opinion, adding the management of these db-entries to your plugin would really make organizer THE file-/attachment-plugin. of course I am aware of the work this would take, so it is only a friendly proposition 😉

  14. Hmm, I’m obviously doing something amazingly wrong and dumb, because after uploading the files, activating the plugin and accessing the menu, I can select the directories in the drop down list, but then nothing happens. (In IE6 and Firefox 1.5), i.e. the browser just “sits” there. Uploading file invariably produces “Filetype not allowed to upload” (I have Role Manager installed and permissions are set correctly.)

    Any clues?

  15. Ok, what am I doing wrong?

    I have put the directory “organizer” and all it’s files under the /plugins. When I activate the it at the plugin page, there is an error message at the top of my screen:

    Warning: opendir(/home/content/m/o/m/momgeek/html/wp-content/uploads): failed to open dir: No such file or directory in /home/content/m/o/m/momgeek/html/wp-content/plugins/organizer/plugin_functions.php on line 173

    Would greatly appreciate any help.

  16. great pluggin,
    but will not upload mp3’s larger than 2Mb, with no indication of the problem, until we tried smaller files… even when the user file size limits are set to 0 0 (unlimited)…. any suggestions?
    thank you!

  17. Jeffmore,

    The problem may lie on your server. Check that your server allows uploads larger than 2MB. You can usually override the default setting with a htaccess directive. Ask your ISP for help.


  18. Hi,

    I also had the problem 1mil and ade encountered: where paths to the scripts, CSS, and images were broken. The fix ade offered above didn’t work for me and produced additional errors I didn’t understand.

    All I did was replace:

    $organizer_path = organizer_fix_windows_path(dirname(__FILE__));
    $organizer_path = str_replace($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'],"",$organizer_path);
    $organizer_path = organizer_fix_organizer_path(organizer_fix_windows_path($organizer_path));


    $organizer_path = 'wp-content/plugins/organizer';

    and it seems to work just fine now…

    Is there another, better way to handle this?

  19. I agree with ade who said:

    This is almost exactly what I have needed and a fantastic addition to WP. You thought of everything I would need — it even reads files that I have uploaded via FTP, which is a small miracle that WP can’t perform — but that is due to exactly what ade requested….the DB meta fields have to be there for WP to “see” the uploaded files.

    In my ideal world, I’d like to see that files in ALL folders (not just the ones created by WP – the year and month) be visible in the “browse all” area of the on-board WP upload area (post edit/write) regardless of whether they were uploaded via FTP or WP.

    This might be impossible, since FTP can’t write all the DB entries needed for each file, to make them show up in “browse all”. But if there was some way, perhaps an additional screen in admin…where all files in the directories could be listed (in one big long list, or pageinated), with the option to write the necessary metadata to the database for each file.

    Example: a row that shows the filename, along with user input fields for title, description, etc., a drop down to select an associated post…that will write the information to the database for each file selected. I’d like to see this in a long list, where multiple files could be operated on at once — maybe the option to show all files, or to pageinate.

    Also, at present, WP only allows file uploads to the year/month directories created by WP. If your plugin could include additional files uploaded to different areas of the in the “browse all” section, that would be amazing.

    Let me say again what a super plugin this is. I hope you’ll have time soon to comment on the requested additions

  20. Whoops, sorry about that — guess I didn’t close my citation. Only that first paragraph was ade — the rest was me.

  21. Nice Plugin! I find it very useful.

    I have one feature request though: Multiple uploads. Thanks!

  22. Hi there

    Firstly, this is a great plugin!

    However I’m having a few problems with it. Under “Image functions”, I get the following error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: get_image_type() in /home/username/public_html/wp-content/plugins/organizer/page/view.php on line 314

    So I can’t “Copy / Rename / Delete files in the uploads directory” or anything similar. Do you have any ideas on how I can fix this?


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