Past few months I have stopped blogging much. I was doing a small study on search engine optimization on my website. What happens to my existing traffic if I stop putting fresh content on my website. The result was quite expensive. There was steady drop in my traffic. I was thinking the old links in my website should give me the same traffic as it was before. Sadly that didn’t happen. Instead my referrals dropped every month. So I got really scared and started back my posting regularly from this month.

Website content and search engine optimization

During the time all posted in my blog was all scarp and totally means nothing in the content. Which again degrades the quality of the content my website is providing in the eyes of search engine. So again this added to my expense list.

The next stupid thing I did was changing my blog theme. In that I missed some important search engine optimization checks. Where most of my urls didn’t have trailing slashes. This caused a big difference in my PageRank distribution in my website. And I notice there was not update from Google on PageRank for a more than 3 months now.

From my past three months experiment which was really an expensive one these are my conclusion

1. Always keep your content addition to website in a steady pace. It should not be added all at the same time nor at irregular intervals. It makes easy for the search engine to analyze the freshness provided by the website. If it is in a regular interval then your website can get good rankings in the search result. Google always looks for fresh content for the particular keyword. If your website has a good article for that keyword and if it is a fresh content then there is lot of chance for your website to come in top results. Fingers crossed.

2. If you don’t have any good article or news to write about in your website then don’t. I did that mistake of blogging about my crazy laziness crap in between when I had a guilty feeling that my blog is dead for a while. This is totally wrong. You are spoiling your website reputation in search engines point of view. There is a chance of increasing your bounce backs more. For a blog generally the bounce back is more and which is normal. For a website which concentrates on products or service this will be really bad.

3. Be very careful while you change your website template. See that all the main urls of the website stays intact and your link distribution was as good as it was before. If the search engine detects sudden change in your website depending on your website rankings it will try to update all your links. If some links are missing or if your links distribution was not good enough you might loose some page in the course of doing. Which is really bad for the search engine optimization. For stupid blog like this it is not a issue at all. If the website means bread and butter for your daily life then be very careful when you do something like this. One suggestion is to see that sitemap.xml etc are correctly placed and updated. Please don’t change the url structure unless it is really necessary.

Wow that is so much for now. I have some real good experience playing with Google Adsense and still doing some more experiments. Will post about it sooner 😉