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Where is Google Headed ? – Advertisement hell for business owners

Today I was searching for few keywords which were property and real estate related. Shocked to see most of the top result for the search was an advertisement from property developers.

Half of the result in the page was Adwords campaign of few top real-estate companies in Dubai. Google has made it look like a typical result with a small distinction between paid and actual search result.

As a regular user with average screen size all you will be looking at first glance is the advertisement. Most of the users will not even scroll further to see what is the actual search result.

What happens to people who focus on SEO? Are they f___ked?

Is there any scope for organic SEO? Most of the SEO experts I know already stopped doing SEO and getting certified as SEM experts.

How much money are the companies willing to pay Google? What happens to small business who cannot spend so much money for placing ads with Adwords? Are they f__ked?

Google Web Search has become Google Ad Search. Google has turned so greedy and so evil.

Unboxing Google Nexus 7 Tablet

Thanks to Dinesh, Today I received my new Google Nexus – 7  Tablet. Unpacking was fun but I don’t want to discuss more about. This is my first personal Android device please wish me luck 😉

Based on the inital experience I really love the form factor and it is very handy to use. Will post more in details after using it for couple of days 😉

Dropbox Vs Google Drive – Why Dropbox is better !!

If you are planning for a online storage which simply works and if you really wish to have peace of mind, Go for Dropbox.

For a very long time I have been a loyal free user for Dropbox. I used it very extensively between work and home to sync my currently working project related files. I currently have around 4 GB space in Dropbox and It was not enough to backup my large photo collection around 30 GB.

Yesterday I started the hunt for online drive with 100 GB space

  1. Google Drive – $4.99 / month
  2. Dropbox – $9.99 / month
  3. Amazon S3 direct upload – $12.50 / month
  4. SugarSync – $14.99 / month

Out of these options I strongly believed option 3 & 4 as not an option, since it is way too expensive. The sync tool provided by these are way too slow and not fast enough.

I took for granted that Google Drive as an ideal choice for the following reason,

  • It is the cheapest of all the available storage options
  • Done by super cool team so it must be really optimized (This is where I took Google for granted :-()

I bought the package, and I installed the Google Drive on my home mac, my frustration started.

  • It crashes often, it is not able to handle large collection of files, in my case I had around 28,000 images to be uploaded.
  • Everytime it crashes, the sync goes nuts, It totally screws up and cannot sync a damm file and says completed sync locally but only 100 files were uploaded
  • It does not allow you to select the folder which has files, it cannot cross compare and sync files

Verdict: Google these days are very much passionate about copying technologies which are very successful. They clearly prooving that they cannot handle any other product better other than their search. Even their current search is getting screwed up in the name of Social Media and personalization. It was a big mistake choosing Google drive over Dropbox.

If you are planning for a online storage which simply works and if you really wish to have peace of mind, Go for Dropbox.

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