What is wrong with me? why did I choose the title of the page as search engine optimization Dubai? Oh in my previous post I have told I will be writing something about search engine optimization. Yes let me start something about it ;-). I am not sure how it might work for others, let me just share what worked out for me.

Search Engine Optimization

Wow..!! That’s a lot of search engine out there. If you see the picture above the search engines are placed by popularity and by use. In the center you can see the most outstanding player in search engine market Google. Next Yahoo, MSN, Dmoz and so on. Its is not that the other search engines listed in outer circle are bad, but those are not used by the users compared to others.

Okay let me come to point. What is search engine optimization?. It is nothing but set of techniques used by the webmaster over a website to improve the ranking in search results. The person who is doing this is called SEOs. There are lot of benefits in optimizing a website for search engine like good publicity, new visitor and good business. Trust me some online companies forgot how normal online business work and they just relay on optimizing the website for search engine. Few of them are successful and most of them are not.

Some of the most common words used in SEO

  • Keywords – the search terms you would like to concentrate on
  • PageRank – popularity of your website among other website
  • Ranking – the position of search result for a particular keyword

I think with these basic information we can start off. I will discuss more in detail in my next article…!! Till then have fun!!! 😉