Top: Society: People: Personal Homepages: IFor more than a year I was waiting for my blog to be listed in Open Directory Project which is the largest, most comprehensive human-edited directory of the Web. I got listed after submitting the site for the second time. This is a moment for me to celebrate.

My webiste is listed under Society: People: Personal Homepages: Weblogs: I

There are various good points to be listed in dmoz

1. 100s of mirror sites use Dmoz RDF file to create their own directory, so one link from dmoz is equal to 1000 links from all the sites which use dmoz RDF including a link from the google directory which is a RDF dump of Dmoz

2. Dmoz is called the best expert directory and yahoo has made it clear it definetely like sites listed in dmoz, Google also feels sites listed in dmoz as authority and gives a small plus for that site

3. Dmoz data is used by the google directory and google directory is an important listing, google directory shows the pagerank display next to it and sites listed there can check their pagerank values and how their site is performing by checking the categories where their site is listed

4. Dmoz directory listings perform well in search engines, dmoz categories rank in various places so they get good search engine traffic and all those traffic are returned to the sites listed in that category, so a good top level category listing in dmoz will give good targeted traffic, Though the traffic is not huge it does drive some useful traffic

5. Dmoz categories have good pagerank, Those pagerank is inherited from their root level pagerank, Dmoz usually has pagerank 9 and more of the top level categories have pagerank range from 4 to 8, Google whose foundation algorithm which was built around pagerank likes links from dmoz categories which has high pagerank

6. Dmoz links are themed links, those links originate from relevant pages and it is very good when it comes to related pages

7. Good anchor text from an expert/authority site, If you get a good anchor text when listed in dmoz it is a very good boost for that particular keyword or phrase

I took the above 7 points from this website 🙂 . If you guys are doing seo stuff see that your website is listed in dmoz and as early as possible. Getting listed there is not so easily. While listing your website you have to choose the category properly. You have to follow the guidelines for submission. Each category has an editor in my case Whpayne was the editor. If the editor feels that your site can be listed in that particular directory and your site will be added else nothing. Have fun 😉