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Okay let me get straight to the point why I have placed so many ad banner in my blog. I am trying to get a pay cheque from Google for past one year. But I cannot get one. Today I logged into my AdSense account after a very long time. Sad thing after one year I got 50 dollar in my account. And I was surprised to see another mail from adsense stating that how you can improve the performance and increase my revenue from AdSense and guess what it was to put more ad units in the page.

Google adsense april 2007 optimization report

So I decided to put more ad unit from Google. I know that real estate companies in Dubai pay a lot of money in for AdWords. I am planning to write some articles with keywords based real estate.

I have not spent much time playing AdSense like I did with seo. I think its time for me to play around a bit with advertising based on keyword targeting. I came to know Google and other companies are spending a lot of money on this.

All these companies got the truth that people are becoming very lazy and how can make money out of it. When the future way of making money why not learn and make use of it. Happy blogging… 😀

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  1. It’s not hard to make money with AdSense as long as you know what to do. Some SEO can go a long way as can Section Targetting, Color blending etc.
    I wrote a bunch of articles on this on my blog that you can check out here:

  2. Nice Idea…. Anther thing that I feel is that,

    * Showing Less Ads Help in boosting the Cost per Click
    * Using Well formed keywords can make Show up of Costly Ads which generate more revenue.
    * The less ads you show on your Page… the more costly ads are shown ie. the ad-space goes to the highest Bidder.

    Debajyoti Das

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