Every city in the world has real estate business and what is so special about the real estate industry in Dubai? What makes the people through out the world to invest in Dubai?. What is so special about the place Dubai?

Real estate in Dubai

For more than 3 years I am living here in Dubai. This place gives a lot of importance for business. One another thing which fascinates lot of people is because it is a tax free nation. Apart from this the real estate developers in Dubai are building some crazy stuff here. Some of outstanding developments being

  • Burj Dubai – Tallest building in the world
  • Palm Island
  • Dubai land
  • Business bay and lot more

The next good thing to tell about Dubai is the way they promote and market each buildings. The loan and payment facilities they offer. If you see the number of residential building is very much low. So there is a need for lot buildings to accommodate the current population. So there is a good rental guarantee for the one who buys an apartment in Dubai. Most of the investors buy apartments in Dubai for this reason.

Currently lot of people who works in Dubai stays in Sharjah since there is lot of residential properties and its much cheaper compared to Dubai. It might change in the near future all because of the traffic they have to go through everyday. Which is a big stress and please don’t ask about it and I am going through everyday.

All I am trying to say is if I had the money to invest I am would surely buy lot of apartments in Dubai. The sad thing is I don’t have it 😀