iPod Nano for WordPress Plugin competition

I have sponsored a 8 GB iPod Nano for the WordPress plugin competition. Mark has posted my name in the plugin competition prizes page 😀 . It gives me a good feeling that I am able to contribute a bit to WordPress community. 2 years back I had lot of time where I was able to spend sometime writing my own plugins and give to community. Now time is a very big factor where I cannot spend that much time. Most of the time I Google and install the needed plugin for my blog.

8 GB iPod Nano

Now I am sure in 2 months the WordPress community is going to get a hell lot of crazy plugins which we will all love to activate in our blog 😉

By Imthiaz

Programmer, SAAS, CMS & CRM framework designer, Love Linux & Apple products, Currently addicted to mobile development & working @bluebeetle


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