WordPress Complete book by Hasin Hayder

Wordpress Complete book by Hasin Hayder

WordPress Complete book by Hasin Hayder

Kshipra Singh from Packt Publishing requested me write a review about their new book on wordpress. I got the book from them 2 days back. Being an user of wordpress for more than 3 years now I have never read a book about wordpress so I was excited to read it. The Books covers lot of topics in different perspective for a person to start blogging. For example installation by manually, from cpannel and upgrading etc.

Some of the topics they have covered in this book

  • Installation
  • Managing post, categories, comments
  • How to play with themes and some trips and tricks on css
  • Plugin and some sample code how to write a plugin. Not fully documented
  • Explains about widgets plugin
  • Tips and tricks on using wordpress

My comment it is very useful book for a new user who is very much new to wordpress. They have explained it nicely. It will not help advanced wordpress user that much.

By Imthiaz

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  1. U knw what imthi bhai, I nw almost get an idea when you are gonna write a blog post and abt what and make sure to drop in and look at it.

    hey,, i have booked the book after u finish it ok

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