my pal mazen bhai yaar!!!!!

Today I have planned to pull down my buddy colleague Mazen Bhai Saab in this post. He is a very amazing person to work with. Recently he started his own blog and he is really excited about it. I added him to my blog roll but he complains that my link is not appearing in technorati incoming links. I really don’t know what is wrong with my blog. May be it is not pinging the technorati site properly. So I decided I should write a post with his link in the post. This way his website will be surely visible.

Mazen bhai is putting a lot of effort on his blog. He writes lot of articles on his site (I hope he is not copying like me 😉 ) . Best thing I like about his blog has a concept. He calls his blog as a town and categories and different streets and avenues.

Did I forget to mention that he is a tech freak with taste of music. And he is so funny. Man I think I pulled you down enough. It feels good to work with him. To simple tell about him he knows how to get the job done 😛 blah blah blah … etc etc

Please pay a visit to his blog he told that around 7 visitors came to his blog from my blogroll. He doesn’t know most of that was me 😉

By Imthiaz

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  1. Hahahaha!

    Thank you Yimthee bhai jaan saab yaar ji dude buddy 😀

    You have earned a share now in any income or paid advertisement on Mazenville. 😀


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