iPhone RSS Reader Application with source code

I am really happy to release my first iPhone application source. This is a simple RSS reader application and it loads the latest news from BBC.

While doing this application I got to learn and to get a rough idea bout the following

  • How basic iPhone application works
  • View & view controllers
  • Tableviews, Tableview Datasource & Tableview Delegate
  • Navigation controller
  • Threading
  • XML parser etc

To make this application I have broken my head reading lot of samples and watching video tutorials. I am very sure the application will have lot of issues and mistakes. If anyone feels so please give me a comment So I have a chance to correct myself. So far I find it really interesting and challenging 🙂

Application Main View : This view loads the RSS parser as a thread, this will download the RSS and parse it. Once the thread is completed it loads the RSS item into a UITableView.

Rss Reader Main View

News detail View : Based on what news is selected it loads the detailed news view.

Rss Reader Detail View

Alert View: Gives you a choice if you want to open the RSS item in safari browser.

Rss Reader Open Link View

Please forgive me for not putting the complete explanation about the application. I am sure it is pretty simple to figure it out.

Download iPhone RSS Reader Application Source Code

By Imthiaz

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  1. Hi,

    Excellent code!! This is a great rss reader.

    Can you tell me how I can edit the NavigationController and also change the text for “News” and “Detail” heading?



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  2. Can you provide me with a tutorial on how to recreate this. Especially on how to create the news detail controller. I’d greatly appreciate it.

  3. Any idea on how I could remove the html tags that show up in the feed? Great code btw, really impressive! Thank you.

  4. many thanks for this source. one question, i noticed you are saving the “pubDate” of the post but you are not calling it in the NewsDetailViewController. I’ve tried calling it myself like so:

    self.pubDateTextView.text = [[[self appDelegate] currentlySelectedBlogItem]pubDate];

    and i set that output to a new textView but when i run it it shows up as (null). any help? how can i call the pubDate to have it show correctly?

  5. Great!!! This is almost exactly what I was looking for! I’ve started to develop my own apps, and this is excellent code to study!
    Brilliant work!

  6. Hi, can you tell me how to insert a thumb image in the list and image in detail view?
    I wish to insert a 4 rss with 4 tab: it’s possibile true?

  7. Wonderful article for Navigation and Tab Bar control with XML file to read and display into table view. Please keep continue to put good code related iPhone requirement.

    Thanks a lot

    Niyaz Ahmad

  8. You are a lifesaver!! Thanks for posting this code. Is there a way to get a thumbnail into the UITableView?

  9. Hi thanks much for the coding work its a great example to work with..

    I had a question about it though.

    When using an rss feed from somewhere such as twitter the parser seems to just pull every item in the feed. This can be bad for me when its putting up 20 items+. How would I get it to just pull the ten newest items or at least limit the NSMutablearray that it is adding currentitems to “10”. Any help in limiting the number would be great! thanks again for the good work.

  10. This is a great reader.

    Like several other interested posters, can you add a thumbnail image to the detail view? And also, how do you change the navigation bar?

    Thank you!

  11. This application does not work properly on my connection.The feeds dont get loaded.While if I try the feeds which dont have xml style sheets.Those are working fine.Is this an internet connection problem???

    Need Help!!!!

  12. Great work! Would really love to know how to add a thumbnail image from the feed to the table view

    I would be sooo happy if somebody can help me!! Thanks

  13. Excellent work.

    Just started with iPhone app development, this give a very clear idea on use of classes and delegates. Amazing work and very helpful of you to release the source code.

    Thanks once again.

  14. Thank you for this tutorial is very useful, but I have a problem I want to add to the cell the title, date and image of the Post de la web, I tried UITAbleViewCell and some forms of schedule but not run, could you help me please?

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