One year of crapping

One year bloggingWow it has been a year now since I started to blog at Time is running very fast. Lot of activities this year and most of them I have managed to blog and some I really didn’t have time. For example past month I was traveling and having so much fun at work most of them are blogged and some are not.

I have posted 98 post in a year which is not bad. Its like I have posted around 1 post every 4 days . Together I got around 6,000 comments and out of which 400 is not spam ;-).

In a year I earned so many good friends through my blog. I hope I will get more friends in the time to come.

In terms of search engine my blog is pretty good and not bad :-D. I hope I can write much better in the years to come. I am sure that I have improved myself a bit by blogging. I really don’t know how far that is true. Catch you all again… 😉

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By Imthiaz

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