I had been planning for a very long time to visit my cousins Ajmal and Nasser who stays in Malaysia.

And today I am really happy to fly there and visit of them. It is totally a new experience for me. I visited Malaysian embassy in Dubai and got a multiple entry visa which is valid for 3 months. Since I am from India I don’t get a visa on arrival 🙁 .

My Uncle from Brunei wanted me to visit him. And he is arranging a visa for that. And I am planning on a small trip to singapore and stay there for a day or two max.

This is gonna be a great experience for me and feels great to get away from busy life in Dubai for 10 days.

I didn’t get a straight flight to Kuala lumpur so I had to take a connection flight which fly through Pakistan. When I said this to my dad he was bit worried and asked me to change the flight if possible 😀 .

I will blog the whole experience with good collection of pictures. To be honest I am flying around for the first time as tourist and about which I am really excited … 😉