Trip to Malaysia

I had been planning for a very long time to visit my cousins Ajmal and Nasser who stays in Malaysia.

And today I am really happy to fly there and visit of them. It is totally a new experience for me. I visited Malaysian embassy in Dubai and got a multiple entry visa which is valid for 3 months. Since I am from India I don’t get a visa on arrival 🙁 .

My Uncle from Brunei wanted me to visit him. And he is arranging a visa for that. And I am planning on a small trip to singapore and stay there for a day or two max.

This is gonna be a great experience for me and feels great to get away from busy life in Dubai for 10 days.

I didn’t get a straight flight to Kuala lumpur so I had to take a connection flight which fly through Pakistan. When I said this to my dad he was bit worried and asked me to change the flight if possible 😀 .

I will blog the whole experience with good collection of pictures. To be honest I am flying around for the first time as tourist and about which I am really excited … 😉

By Imthiaz

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  1. Redirected to your from ProBlogger’s post about the plugin competition, you’re one of the sponsor right? Very surprise to read that this most recent post of your said that your uncle wants you to visit him here in Brunei, I am from Brunei too, HEHE! xD Welcome to Brunei (if you’re coming). =)

  2. Malaysia great country. Friendly mamas.
    Don’t say bad things about Durian.
    I thought Brunei sultan was expecting you.
    Dont just sit. Move around and explore.
    Did you try the Thai soup Ajmal was talking about.
    Have a go. Theres more to food than Biryani & Idli.
    No pictures?
    Enjoy your holidays.

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