Monday 6th August me and my cousin Ajmal khan went to Brunei high commission in Kuala lumpur to get a visa. Unfortunately they told me it will take more than 8 working days to process the visa. So we decided to skip the trip to Brunei. The next door was Singapore high commission. So we went there and applied a visit visa for Singapore. Next day 7th August we got the visa stamped in my passport. We planned goto Singapore by car. We went to Johor Bahru and parked our car in bus stop parking. We took Singapore – Johor Express which stops at both Malaysia and Singapore emigration and drops us in Queen street bus stop in Singapore. Everything went smooth so far. Now comes the interesting part entering Singapore.

At the Singapore emigration took my passport and looked at every page and asked so many question. May be Singapore people think all Indian passport holders are terrorist of some kind. Some of the question : Is this your first time? Why are you visiting Singapore? Where are you staying in Singapore? How many days are you staying in Singapore? etc … All question are very normal but they she asked the question was so fckng disgusting. The reason behind this was so many people who come on visit to Singapore stay there without returning back to their country. I was happy that I was not strip searched in the emigration. I learned one thing from this experience that If I have to travel outside India be ready for anything in emigration.

Finally I was inside Singapore and with a help of my cousin’s friend we got a very cheap hotel ($100/night around 300 AED) near Mustafa shopping centre. The room was excellent and it was exactly to the size of a bed and 2 people can stand inside 😀 . After checking in the hotel we went to look around the Mustafa shopping center. The only 24hrs shopping center in whole of Singapore. Almost all the shops in that particular street was 24hrs so the street looked very lively. This location is a main center where all asian people unit most of the time. We grabbed dinner and it was not cheap.

The next day we went to sim lim square which holds all the computer related shops. It was really nice and full of computer shops. Just like we have in Bur Dubai. There is another tower right opposite named sim lim tower which hold all electronic gadgets. After this we took a taxi to Singapore zoo and had nice fun. I was really amazed the way they have maintained it. After roaming fully here I went to visit my grandpa who stays in Singapore. Then we went back to hotel packed up and left back to Malaysia from Queen street bus stop. Singapore is very expensive and nothing much for a tourist. It is a land of fine for everything. Normal fine starts at 300$ and goes till 2000$. It was cool fun 😉 and some snaps below…..

Mustafa shopping center Singapore Sim Lim Square Singapore Inside Sim Lim Square Singapore

At Singapore Zoo White tiger at Singapore Zoo Long nosed monkey at Singapore Zoo

Colour parrots at Singapore Zoo With shafi appa at Singapore