Temple elephant walking on kerala highway

Today morning while coming to office I came across a Temple elephant walking on the highway. It was huge (like me). We stopped for a while and took some snaps of it. It was carrying coconut tree leaves for its breakfast I guess 😉 .

Temple elephant walkinging on kerala highway snap - 1 Temple elephant walk on kerala highway snap - 2 Temple elephant walking on kerala highway snap - 3

You can find these kinds of events only in India 🙂 .

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By Imthiaz

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  1. Imthi bhai.. are you wondering that the elephant is a veggie and still huge.. and u r going on salads to reduce weight….. 😛

  2. Dei.how are you..I am Ravi…from kannappanagar…P Balji/Ravoof group…I am in TN,USA…and doing great..how are you and what are you doing? Heard you are in Dubai..but ho come a pics from kerala????How is it going man…Software guru???

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