Movie at Mayajaal

Rajesh the model of our Gang.. 😀


Gang picture at mayajaal

Rajesh Lion

Rajesh Challenging the lion…. 🙂

David Lion

David keeping kombu for lion… 😉



We watched “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” like a comedy movie. We made fun of Naryan since his project manager came for the same movie and he was siting next to us. Guys we missed the whole gang there. Atleast this time we had chance to meet. Next year I don’t think so this many people will be there to meet. I like to highlight the old meetup. Where we took pictures and I made a card.. heheh so funny have a look..


Hey kiran I am sorry for exposing you like this but I cannot help it man… 😉 Please make your comments…. 😀

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