Confused and tensed state

Hi bloggy

Lot of confusion and tension prevailing in my life right now. I am in the course of shifting my job. So I have started the work for migrating the job. So I am little worried and tensed what is gonna happen next next. But whatever it is I have to face it. The current job what I am gonna take brings me back to PHP :-). This one thing make me feel very happy and comfortable.

After a long time I am downloading Redhat Fedora Core 4 Stenz for working in Linux platform. And I heard the new company is working on Zend studio too. And I am gonna try out the Zend studio for the first time. I have coding in PHP for nearly more than 4 years now. But it was always my Editplus which helped to code. Now I am trying something new.

Bloggy I will keep you updated what is happening next next :-).

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