Finally I got my new Macbook Pro

After so much struggle and fight with my brother I finally got my Mackbook Pro 17inch model.  Today we had big discussion on the car and finally my loving brother has agreed to buy a mac for our personal use. We went in the night to iStyle store in Ibn Battuta Mall, Dubai and bought it. Since I am a member in Emirates Mac User group (EMUG) I got a 6% discount :-). Thanks to Magnus for helping me out in sending me temporary ID card, without which I would have lost my discount. In the the discount money I went greedy and upgraded my RAM memory to full 4 GB.

It is really super fast and very large screen. I am really exicted about my new toy added to my gadget collection. Thanks to Dinesh for converting me into a mac user. He has successfully made me into a mac adict. Good nite 🙂

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By Imthiaz

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