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It has been really long time since I posted something. It was totally a busy month at flip working on a new project. It was really exciting and the project is running on beta phase right now. Lot of bug fixes and feature requests are happening. Lot of my friends have started to blog. Their blog is much interesting and good to read.

I have become really lazy and not doing much work at home. No reading and not experimenting anything. Having some issues related which will be sorted out soon.

Finally I reinstalled my mac and installed all software fresh again with new version. This time I installed boot camp and installed Windows XP and it works great. I was happy with parallels and performance wise it was bit dragging. Will update something new in upcoming post.

Its good to see around 10 plugins being actively developed for the plugin competition. There are some great ones cannot wait till end of this month. Don’t know who is gonna win the ipod I sponsored for the competition.

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