Being Too Lazy..!!

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These days I am too lazy and I am not doing anything what I call creative in my life. Its like I can spend hours daily staring at my room ceiling and do nothing. What am I doing ??? So I decided that my hibernation period is over now and start doing something. Life is going smooth and everyday I have something excited at my work place.

I have bought a new dedicated server and all my website are running smooth in it. It was nice learning experience handling my own dedicated server and managing all setting by myself. So far so good and didn’t screw up anything 😀 .

I got really bored with your old theme and installed a new one and I don’t have clue how much time I will like this theme. It looks pretty simple and readable so I might keep this for little more time than I can expect.

I am planning to write some nice post about search engine optimization what I learnt so far from my previous experience and experiments. In fact I did too much of that shit and got some of my domains black listed in Google :-D. So that was too much may be light SEO will help all blogger to get better PageRank and rankings in search engines.

Planning for short trip to Chennai and to Bhatkal for my friend Shuja’s wedding. I will keep you updated about my trip 😉

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