i-mate jasjam

It had been really long time since I posted something good. Too much work at office and everyday is exciting with lots of challenge. Learning a lot these days. I was playing around with lot of stuffs in Ajax. Got a new i-mate jasjam pda. It is really cool with lots of features. Its really good for people who are always in move. For people like me 😉 to experiment and to program with new technology and provide good solution to people.

i-mate jas jam

It looks really magnificent and it is load with these features

  • 3G Windows Mobile 5.0
  • 400MHz Samsung CPU
  • 2.0 MP Camera
  • 128MB ROM / 64MB RAM
  • 1350mAh Battery
  • MP3/Video PlayerGSM
  • /GPRS UnlockedTri
  • -Band UMTSQuad
  • -Band GSM
  • UMTS/EDGE/HSDPABluetooth
  • v2.0
  • Wifi 802.11b/gMicro
  • SDInternet
  • ExplorerPocket
  • OutlookPocket
  • WordPocket
  • ExcelPocket
  • Powerpoint

I was able to sync my outlook and pda and all my contacts are up to date. I was able to configure wifi and use the pda like a normal laptop. Browse site, POP3 mails, MS Exchange, MSN, etc etc.. But not to that level of a laptop ;-).

I was browsing my blog using my pda and believe me it sucks majorly. So I am planning to write a small plugin which can enable any pda users to browser my site. At least read the crap that I am posting 😉

I hope there are so many blogger who wish to make their site pda or mobile friendly. Please welcome me to the community of pda users ..!!!!!

By Imthiaz

Programmer, SAAS, CMS & CRM framework designer, Love Linux & Apple products, Currently addicted to mobile development & working @bluebeetle


  1. Hi,
    I am planning to buy imate jasjam or kjam. Can you pls. let me know which one is the lastest and more good. Whats the price of jasjam in dubai?


  2. Hi Imthiaz !!

    How u doin ? I just wanted to know how the JasJam is and hav decided on gettin one but the thing is in many of the user reviewz they hav mentioned the thing gettin stuck or hangs ?? Is it wit ur case ?? I usually dont decide on reviews but it wud help gettin some info frm a user.. and oh .. can ya tell me how much it costs in Dubai ??


  3. Hi Rajesh

    As far as I am concerned with the jasjam its pretty cool. Its hangs sometimes when application memory is used much. And it happens in the pda I have seen. Even blackberry does the same stuff. Jasjam is cool and you can go ahead and buy it.


  4. Hi Imtiaz,
    I have purchased a JASJAM (JJ)recently and would appreciate if some one can help me with the following issues

    Cell Area info, If I add a channel provided by my service provider the JJ does not show it on the default screenand I keep getting messages from the cell I am into this happens very frequently and is very irritating.
    If I download software even from the windows mobile site like a free game specificall for JJ and try to install the software it says that this software cannot run on a JJ

    Your help is appreciated.
    I purchased this phone as a new peice but without warranty (it was boxpacked but has the Telstra logo on the start up screen. When I tried to register the JJ on clubimate they say it is preowned and are asking me to pay 60US% to access the facilites at clubimate

    my email is ptapaskar@gmail.com


  5. Hi fellow bloggers, I am in Australia I have a I-mate jamin and its a load of crap,the ringer wont work so its back in for repair, prior it had software crashing, okay so it was fixed now it shuts down and locks up, for a business forget it it either in for repairs or having a nervous breakdown.

    the othe phone is the Jasjam this also is a crock, it also disconnects its self, and I have to reboot the phone, it wont allow you to re-open unless you restart at the reboot button .

    As far as I am concerned I-Mate products are garbish, and not meant for business operations

  6. Hi,
    I have imate jasjam . Can you pls. let me know how can to send the sound from the bluoooth Thanks

  7. Does anyone know how to fix the ringer not working? I have sent it in twice and the ringer has stopped… are there any downloads that can fix it? My phone is away for 6weeks when it gets repaired…

  8. hi Imthiaz,

    nice blog you have. Just had a problem and may be you know a solution for it. I got I-mate PDAL with wm5, and on 1st august 2009, its wifi just stopped working, i mean not turning on, not showing wifi icon. funny thing is, when i take out the battery and date changes to 010197, it starts working… my guess its some kind of virus but do u have any other clue about it? thanx in advance

  9. please help me with my i-mate jasjam….
    when i switch it on..it stucks while loading windows mobile(its a blue screen)…
    I’ve tried reseting en direct switching off..but nothing…
    any solutions????

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