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Trip to Bhatkal

My trip to Bhatkal for Shuja wedding .!!!





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  1. Hi Imthi,

    The photos from Bhatkal took my thoughts to my college days 1994-98 (Anjuman Engineering College, Bhatkal). especially… murudeshwar beach… i cannot forget.
    Anyway During my next vaccation I am planning a trip to Bhatkal with Shahira.


    Abdu & Shahira

  2. hi,
    I’m Adiraju here. i’m also an ex-student of AEC. Your pics bring me back to Bhatkal and Murudeshwar, memories that never fail to flourish me.Thankz a lot for that.

  3. asak imti,u know any site where i can look up our family like to know how all the damudis r related.thanks.

  4. Assalamalikum Imtiyaz
    I think these are the best photos which u have taken. I will tell u there is more beautiful places mousques are there in bhatkal.

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