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EasyDriver + Stepper Motor with Arduino

Today was a busy shopping day in Deira, Dubai. Finally found a location where I can buy electronic stuffs like resistors, capacitors, LED etc. The things I bought today was

  • Regulated Power Supply
  • Soldering Station

Once I was home, I started to solder the EasyDriver Stepper Motor Driver.

Basically I soldered few male header so I can fix the EasyDriver board easily to a bread board. Then connected the Stepper Motor to the driver board and needed connection to Arduino board.

Reference: Use The EasyDriver Stepper Motor Driver + Arduino, Blink

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  1. Hi
    I lso live In Dubai, it wd be nic of you if you were a friend of mine In facebook

    So that You can help me find some electric stuff (arduino) 🙂

    055 6088344

  2. What’s the name of the shop,its location & contact details where you got your stepper motor & other electronic stuff?

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