United Arab Emirates Linux user group

I am really happy to share the news about the formation of Linux meet up group for United Arab Emirates. This is my story how I got into using Linux. Back in 1999 we used to get supplement Linux CD in PC-Quest magazine. They called it as PCQLinux and with my friends we used to experiment on our home computer. Every time we install Linux we get our windows boot sectors corrupted with our lilo boot loader. We always end up in formatting the whole system. Those days the Linux was at early stages in GUI and for most of the hardware we never get proper drivers. In a day or two I used to give up and move back to windows.

When I was studying in college we came to know about Chennai Linux User group. One of my friend told that they had meetings once in every 2 weeks and it happened in IIT Madras campus, the place where real genius people study. We thought it was a good chance to visit IIT campus in the name of LUG. When I first went for the meeting I meet some real cool people wearing Linux T-shirts with bunch of CDs chatting about Linux. Mostly they were talking about compiling kernel and device drivers and about the project in Linux etc etc. After going for couple of meetings I learned few tricks on how to use Linux. Till today I am using the same tricks for working on Linux.

Thanks to Chennai Lug for the help and support they me gave when I started with Linux. I was looking for a group in Dubai from the day I landed here. I hardly found anything where people liked to meet. We cannot blame anyone for this as nobody here has time for meet up in their busy schedule. This group is another attempt to make User group possible in UAE. With help of companies like Flip Media which supports Linux I think we can make it better.

I am still a beginner in Linux and just wanted to create a forum so we can meet the real gurus and learn from them.

For more information please visit UAE Lug Website.
For more information on next UAE Lug meet up.

Please join us and together everyone can achieve more 🙂

By Imthiaz

Programmer, SAAS, CMS & CRM framework designer, Love Linux & Apple products, Currently addicted to mobile development & working @bluebeetle

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