Today I started my journey to explore and learn more about Amazon Web Services (AWS). My mission is to setup a wordpress blog completely in the cloud. This blog post is just a mention about the journey and will be posting things in detail in the days to come.

What I did so far as follows..

  • Created a new EC2 instance with Basic 32-bit Amazon Linux
  • Logged into the instance and installed Apache, PHP and mysql client tools
  • Created a new RDS instance with mysql version 5.1.50
  • Added EC2 instance IP in RDS for allowing access.
  • Installed wordpress on the EC2 instance and configured the database
  • Created a new elastic volume storage for 1GB and attached the same to EC2 instance
  • Formatted the elastic volume storage and mounted the same for wordpress upload directory.
  • Created a new Elastic IP and attached the EC2 instance to the IP.
  • Created a cname cloud for and pointed the A level record to the Elastic IP
  • The blog is ready that is hosted in Amazon cloud 🙂

Phew, trust me it was not easy and I had to create and delete many EC2 instances to understand how things work. I am not sure whether the setup I had done is the best way.. I did some load test on the setup and it was not looking good

My next mission is to fire up multiple EC2 instances and to use a load balancer to handle the load so that the graph will look better in the days to come 😉