Where Google is taking us..!!!

I was just thinking where it all started for Google a few years back. They came up with a new search technology that can search and give results from websites found on the internet. I was so fascinated that just two students did this, since I myself was a student when Google was first launched. I always admired the company a lot. They released stuff that looked very simple outside and was actually damn powerful. They never wrap well outside and give crap inside. Instead they make it neat and present it well to the public. I personally use almost all the services offered by them. I just cannot imagine myself without Google services. Is this good? Is it taking us somewhere?

The answer to the above remains a mystery …!!!

Let me tell you what happens when we use all of Google services to the maximum. Have you ordered KFC or pizza recently? I’ll use one of my experiences to show you what happens..if you have a different experience do let me know..

Pizza guy: Good evening Mr. Imthiaz! How are you doing today?

Imthiaz: I am fine, thanks.

Pizza guy: Sir, You like the chicken salami large. Can I place the same order?

Imthiaz: Yes.

Pizza guy: You’d like to have diet coke along with it Sir?

Imthiaz: Yes.

Pizza guy: Anything else you’d like to order? (This question is just for the sake of asking)

Imthiaz: No, This will do.

Pizza guy: Your order comes to 5$ and the pizza will reach your house #37, Mount cross road in 30 minutes else the pizza is free. Thank you for calling pizza corner, have a good evening.

This is how the companies work these days. They collect customer’s data to serve better. In the same way Google tracks what the user is searching for on a day to day basis. After a point of time it will be able to guess what kind of person you are, what your interests are and what your day to day activities. By this, Google is able to give the users more relevant search results which we cannot even dream of.

Before they had only one cookie to track what the user is searching for and how much he is using the search etc. I think that was mainly used for statistical purposes. I guess Google was not satisfied with it. They wanted more accurate data. That is when Gmail came into existence..!!

They had huge success with the Gmail program that had many users switching to it, I am one of those people. Now when you log in to Gmail and use search they track every term you search for and the days etc. This they use in search history beta. With the help of these data Google can track a user to ascertain why he/she mainly uses the internet. Now Google knows what kind of a person the user is and what he/she seeks in the web. Now, the next question is, how can it serve the users with something more than search?

They next service they have is Google Adsense. Does it make any sense? Does it serve relevant ads to the users? I don’t have to tell you the answer to that. Now Google shows ads according to the page content and according to what suits you best, using your search history and the type of person.

For example let me assume myself to be a stock market guy. I am using Google search to find new articles and mainly all information pertaining to stocks. Google can determine which market I am looking for, whether it is the UAE market, US market or European market. So when I go to a stock market website, if I search more on the US market, it shows ads based in the US market. By this the user gets exactly what he wants.

So where does this take us? As far as the service is concerned, it’s good, but where the privacy is a concern, Google is watching you.

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